How a GlobalScot helped make American dream a reality for two Scottish companies

Corporate attorney Mark Goldschmidt was born and brought up in the US, but that doesn't stop him being a dedicated GlobalScot, ready and willing to help Scottish companies with vital legal work.

Mark, who is based in Denver, is a partner at Holland & Knight, a large US international law firm headquartered in Florida. He works with UK and US companies, from early stage start-up companies to publicly traded companies listed on securities exchanges. His particular focus is on the oil and gas sector as well as biotech, financial services and technology.

"I help companies conduct business operations in the US, raise capital, buy and sell assets and companies, and with corporate governance matters," Mark explains.

What motivates Mark to make this expertise available to Scottish companies is a family connection to Scotland and a strong desire to see ambitious companies succeed in the US.

"My wife was born and lived in Dundee before her family moved to America when she was young," says Mark.

"Her extended family is now in Montrose and we try to visit at least twice a year.

"I became a GlobalScot in 2011 after coming into contact with the network at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston."

Since then, Mark has helped over 30 Scottish companies, from answering discrete legal questions to advising on immigration, visa requirements and raising capital.

For two ambitious Scottish firms, it was Mark's expertise in forming US subsidiaries that helped fast-track their plans to extend operations into the US market. Both companies needed to serve existing clients based there.

"Without Mark's help, we'd probably still be in the process of setting up the US office," says Kevin Moran, managing birector of Tymor Marine, a rapidly growing early stage naval architecture and marine engineering consultancy.

"Mark took care of all the paperwork, looked at employment issues and how to structure that, liaised with other people over setting up bank accounts and looked specifically at Louisiana legislation regarding employment."

"Mark was invaluable," agrees Rachel McIntyre, commercial coordinator at Scottish engineering consultancy Magma Products, who also worked closely with Mark to establish a US subsidiary.

"As well as getting us incorporated, he put us in touch with accountants and bankers. Without Mark, it would have taken much longer and been much more painful."

For both companies, Mark's on-the-ground advice and support meant what could have been a lengthy and complex process took just a matter of weeks.

"I take great satisfaction in working with Scottish companies like Magma Products and Tymor Marine" says Mark.

"These are exceptionally talented and professional people who work at the cutting edge of their industries. For me, it's exciting and a privilege to be a member of their respective teams."

It's this attitude that has made the GlobalScot network so vital to Tymor Marine and Magma Products when it comes to overseas success.

"When you're going into overseas markets for the first time, it's hard to know who you can rely on, so having Mark to help us was basically like being plugged straight into someone you know you can trust. It was great to have that independent voice," says Kevin.

"You can do the research" says Rachel, "but having someone out there is vital. Mark has always been really friendly and easy to get hold of."

Mark continues to check in with both companies to see if he can help with the ongoing process and challenges of growing their US operations.