Code of conduct

GlobalScot – Statement of Principles

A number of principles have been at the heart of GlobalScot since it was formed in 2001 and are central to the continued success of GlobalScot. This document outlines the principles of GlobalScot as they relate both to the GlobalScots themselves (the Members of GlobalScot) and to the businesses and people who access GlobalScot (the Business Users of GlobalScot).

International Business Network for Scotland

GlobalScot is an international business network committed to advancing Scotland’s economic success, through sharing connections and learning from shared experiences. It is not a direct business development or selling network.


Members are passionate about ensuring Scotland’s commercial success and will offer their time and advice freely. Members do not view their membership as a source of personal or professional gain.


Members and Business Users will not use GlobalScot to solicit or sell goods or services unless clearly and specifically invited to do so.


Members and Business Users will work with each other in a clear, courteous and professional manner. This will include Members letting Business Users know whether or not they can or might be able to help; Business Users recognising the altruistic role of Members; and Members and Business Users sharing progress updates and learning where they can. This also covers the provision of Member to Member interactions – as an approved Member you give prior consent for your details to be shared freely with other Members. Members and Business Users participate voluntarily in GlobalScot and are solely responsible for their interactions with each other.

Personal membership

GlobalScot membership is by invitation only, personal and non-transferable


GlobalScot is an altruistic network and it does not create or regulate any financial or other legal relationships. If Members and Business Users wish to enter into financial or other legal relationships (e.g. confidentiality agreements) they should do so separately from GlobalScot. Scottish Enterprise and the other public bodies connected with GlobalScot exclude any liability arising from their role in GlobalScot to the fullest extent permitted by law (though if any legal consequences arise they shall be governed by the law of Scotland and be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts).


Regular feedback, what works well and what might be improved, is important to GlobalScot and should be given to the GlobalScot team at Scottish Enterprise.

Removal from GlobalScot

To maintain the integrity of GlobalScot, Scottish Enterprise may remove Members or Business Users from GlobalScot – for example where they do not adhere to the principles of GlobalScot; or where the circumstances which brought them into GlobalScot have changed; or where their continued membership or participation may cause embarrassment or damage to GlobalScot.