GlobalScot, connecting you to the world

It’s no secret - Scotland’s innovation, drive and entrepreneurial expertise is world renowned. GlobalScots not only recognise this, they act on it. 

Made up of leading Scottish business people and experts with an affinity for Scotland, our worldwide network of contacts are not only outstanding in their field, but driven to ensure Scottish companies develop, expand and thrive locally in an ever-competitive international market.

Whether it’s identifying new business leads, getting local market information or accessing key contacts in major organisations, our network of savvy business leaders and innovators can help.   

How GlobalScot can help

Take a closer look at the type of activities carried out by GlobalScots in assisting Scottish companies and the Scottish economy.

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Meet our GlobalScots

Find out more about the members, who they are, where they are based and what expertise they have to help Scottish companies.

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Register your company

Companies based in Scotland can register to access the support of the business network and start speaking to GlobalScots today.

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