Do you want to put your Scottish business on the international map? Have ambitions to become a more focused, dynamic and profitable company? Access our network of international expertise to take your Scottish business to the next level.

What is the GlobalScot network?

GlobalScot is a worldwide network of entrepreneurial and inspirational business leaders, dedicated to supporting Scotland’s most ambitious companies.

How can GlobalScot help Scottish Businesses?

GlobalScot can assist across a number of key areas and have a direct impact on your business, from advice on preparing for new market entry and finding customers to identifying potential partners and suppliers.

Is GlobalScot right for my business?

If you're an established Scottish company with serious ambitions to grow, and have a specific issue that GlobalScot can assist you with, we can help to unlock your potential.

Our Global Expertise

The network boasts the brightest business brains in growth sectors such as oil and gas, life sciences, food and drink, technology, creative industries, financial and business services and tourism that can make connections, provide advice and open up opportunities to Scottish companies keen to grow their business.

Who are they?

GlobalScots are experienced professionals who have built their reputations in the highest echelons of the international marketplace and they have a real desire to give something back by helping Scottish companies to develop and grow. Since 2001, they have contributed significantly to Scotland's economic growth.

Why do they do it?

The network of business leaders has one thing in common - their connection to Scotland and desire to see Scottish businesses succeed. All members are passionate about ensuring Scotland’s continued commercial success, which is why they give freely of their time and expertise for the benefit of Scotland’s future prosperity.

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How can GlobalScot help Scottish businesses?

GlobalScot can assist you across a number of key areas which can have a direct impact on your international business ambitions.

Deliver unrivalled insight, information and intelligence on the sectors and territories you're targeting for growth.

Make connections that will work for you and open doors to new contacts and opportunities in Scotland and around the world.

Offer advice on how to prepare for new market entry, how best to find customers, as well as identifying potential partners and suppliers.

Is GlobalScot right for my business?

For established businesses, whatever assistance you are looking for, GlobalScot can have a direct impact on your business growth, both at home and overseas. GlobalScot can help with advice on how to prepare for new market entry and how best to find customers as well as identifying potential partners and suppliers. They can also help you develop skills, knowledge and advice to ensure you embed a strong culture of leadership in your business, helping you to strengthen and motivate your teams.

How GlobalScot can help

Mark Goldschmidt

How a GlobalScot helped make American dream a reality for two Scottish companies.

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Allan Rooney

Since 2006, Allan has been a GlobalScot, a business ambassador for Scotland. He has a long term commitment to helping others recognise Scotland’s strengths and is delighted to spread the word through his business connections as opportunities arise.

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Hugh Sutherland

Hugh Sutherland has established the regional operations of three US-based multinational software companies.

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