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Connecting you to the world

Do you want to put your Scottish business
on the international map?

GlobalScot can help

Have ambitions to become a more focused, dynamic and profitable company? Access our network of international expertise to take your Scottish business to the next level.

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What is the GlobalScot network?

GlobalScot is a worldwide network of business contacts who are experts in their field, and driven to help Scottish companies develop, expand and thrive in a competitive international market.

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How do GlobalScots help Scottish companies?

Whether it’s identifying new business leads, getting local market information or accessing key contacts in major organisations, our network of experts and business leaders can help.

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Is GlobalScot right for my business?

If you're an established Scottish company with serious ambitions to grow, and have a specific issue that GlobalScots can assist you with, we can help to unlock your potential.

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Scotland's innovation, drive and entrepreneurial expertise is world renowned..

Supporting Scottish companies worldwide

Find out how we can help you unlock your growth potential with our global expertise

Meet our GlobalScots

International expertise from some of the world's most successful companies. GlobalScots freely share their knowledge and experience to help Scottish companies thrive.

Global expertise

From Life Sciences, Energy, Technology and more, our GlobalScots span all the key sectors important to Scotland's economy. Boasting legal, financial and business development proficiency, the spread of GlobalScots throughout the world is impressive.

Why do they do it?

Beyond their ties to Scotland, all our GlobalScots are motivated by a belief that building new business connections allows Scottish companies to flourish nationally and internationally.

Case Studies

Harris Distillery

GlobalScots gathered to regenerate the Harris economy, and enjoy a wee dram from the Isle of Harris Distillery


Export success signals growth for subsea wireless specialists


How GlobalScot helped Ciqual get the opportunity to deliver their services in Qatar

James Crawford, GlobalScot

How GlobalScot James Crawford has helped Scottish companies explore opportunities in Africa


When 2e-volve developed a platform with international appeal, GlobalScots were on hand with strategic advice.

Glenhead Engineering

Meeting GlobalScot Brian Edwards unlocked the oil and gas market for Glenhead Engineering.

Global Pipe Components

New connections help Aberdeen based Global Pipe Components to unlock their export potential.

Park Circus

How GlobalScot helped Park Circus to bring classic films back to Hollywood.

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